Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Exact virtual representations

At Flamingo Biomechanical Lab, we apply this advanced technology to create accurate virtual representations of organs and anatomical structures. These digital twins allow detailed understanding and immersive live interaction with human anatomy, being able to study the patient with real data and predict behaviors.

Our anatomical 3D models are detailed three-dimensional recreations with a resolution of 10 microns, allowing each cavity and tissue to be observed in detail with a leading immersive experience on the market.

We use medical images and our own modeling techniques that, together with our algorithms and artificial intelligence, allow us to guarantee the best anatomical precision and fidelity.

digital twins

Visualization improvement

The implementation of Digital Twins and anatomical 3D models significantly improves the visualization of complex structures. We provide medical professionals and educators with a deeper understanding of anatomy, allowing them to explore and study every detail in a three-dimensional way.

Interactive training

We transform anatomical education through interactive experiences. Anatomical 3D models and Digital Twins provide students and healthcare professionals the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual environments, improving knowledge retention and practical understanding of human anatomy.

Medical planning

In the medical field, Digital Twins technology is used for detailed planning of interventions and surgeries. Healthcare professionals can virtually explore a patient’s specific anatomy before performing procedures, improving accuracy and reducing associated risks.

These advantages and applications illustrate how the integration of Digital Twins and Anatomical 3D Models redefines the way we understand, teach and apply anatomy in medicine and education.

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Interactive 3D Heart Example