Virtual reality

Virtual reality

A unique and immersive experience

At Flamingo Biomechanical Lab, we are at the forefront of innovation by incorporating virtual reality (VR) in the use of our biomodels. By fusing the anatomical precision of 3D printing and mathematical simulations with virtual immersion, creating a unique and immersive experience for surgical planning and medical training.

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Immerse yourself in Anatomy

  • Advanced Three-Dimensional Visualization: VR provides advanced three-dimensional visualization of our biomodels, allowing professionals to explore the anatomy in detail before facing the operating room.
  • Training in Realistic Scenarios: Our VR platform authentically recreates the surgical environment, giving professionals the opportunity to practice procedures in conditions virtually identical to reality.

Collaboration Without Borders

  • Remote and Global Collaboration: VR facilitates remote and global collaboration, allowing medical teams from different locations to connect and collaborate in real time, improving efficiency and decision making.
  • Personalization of the Experience: Users can tailor their VR experience to their needs, customizing the display to focus on specific areas and optimize their training.

Advantages of Virtual Reality with Biomodels

  • Improved Spatial Understanding: VR enhances spatial understanding, allowing professionals to explore the three-dimensional relationships between anatomical structures with an unprecedented level of detail.
  • Efficient Learning: VR accelerates the learning curve by offering a safe and repeatable practice environment, allowing students to acquire skills more efficiently and effectively.
  • Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration: We encourage collaboration between medical disciplines by enabling professionals from different areas to work together in shared virtual environments.

Discover how at Flamingo Biomechanical Lab, we are shaping the future of surgical planning and medical training, combining high-precision biomodels with the full immersion of virtual reality. Elevate your experience and enter a new paradigm of medicine and veterinary medicine.