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Artificial intelligence

Anatomical models more defined than ever

From Flamingo Biomechanical Lab using artificial intelligence (AI), advanced algorithms and radiomics to achieve more defined anatomical models than ever. These advances not only increase the precision in the representation of human anatomy, but also open the door to unprecedented surgical efficiency.

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Artificial Intelligence for Anatomical Models

We implement AI algorithms that analyze and process data from various medical images. This approach allows the creation of anatomical models with exceptional definition and detail, offering medical professionals and educators an unparalleled tool for understanding and teaching anatomy.

Reduction of Operating Room Times

Our technology is not only limited to the educational phase, but has a direct impact on medical practice. Thanks to the precision of our models and the predictive capacity of AI, healthcare professionals can plan surgeries with greater accuracy. This results in a significant reduction in operating room times, minimizing patient exposure and improving the overall efficiency of the procedures.

Procedure Optimization

The ability to anticipate and visualize each patient’s anatomy in detail through our technology allows for the personalization of medical procedures. This not only leads to an improvement in results, but also contributes to a faster recovery and a decrease in potential postoperative complications.

Our dedication to the fusion of artificial intelligence and anatomical models defines a new standard in the medical industry, leading the way towards a more accurate, efficient and patient-centered practice. At Flamingo Biomechanical Lab, we are committed to the continued advancement of medicine through the integration of cutting-edge technologies.