Advanced mathematical simulations

At Flamingo Biomechanical Lab, we implement medical and veterinary simulations using advanced mathematical methods in our 3D models. Combining the anatomical precision of 3D printing with advanced mathematical simulations offers a holistic and efficient approach to surgical planning and medical training.

Physiological Dynamics

Our 3D models incorporate mathematical simulations of physiological dynamics, allowing healthcare professionals to understand and practice procedures in an environment that closely reflects the complexity of anatomy and physiology.

Blood Flow and Circulation

For cardiovascular procedures and vascular surgeries, we incorporate mathematical simulations that accurately represent blood flow and circulation. This gives surgeons a detailed view of possible scenarios during the intervention.

Response to Treatments

Mathematical simulations allow us to model the response of organs and tissues to various medical treatments. This facilitates intervention planning and helps professionals anticipate and address potential challenges during surgery.

Training in Realistic Scenarios

We use mathematical simulations to recreate realistic scenarios during medical training. This allows students to practice and hone their skills in a virtual environment that closely mimics the complexities of the human or animal body.

Benefits of Mathematical Simulation in 3D Models

  1. Predictive Accuracy: Mathematical simulation improves predictive accuracy, allowing medical professionals to evaluate possible outcomes before performing actual procedures.
  2. Risk Reduction: By incorporating mathematical simulations, we can identify and address potential complications before surgery, contributing to risk reduction and improving patient safety.
  3. Improved Medical Skills: Training with mathematical simulations in 3D models provides healthcare professionals with the opportunity to improve and refine their skills in a controlled and risk-free environment.

At Flamingo Biomechanical Lab, we are proud to lead the convergence of 3D printing and mathematical simulation to deliver advanced solutions that elevate medical and veterinary practice. Discover how our innovative combination of technologies can transform your approach to surgical planning and training